Resident Alien

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Resident Alien
Studio album by JL Jupiter
Released Nov 11, 2011
Genre Hip Hop
Label Independent
Producer A.P, Pryme Mega, Mcnub, Memo Jackson, Kinesus Beats, Korn Swagger, Silong, JL Jupiter

Resident Alien is JL Jupiter's debut album, which was released in 2011 independently.

Critical reception

Resident Alien received positive reviews from contemporary critics. Phatry Derek Pan of Khmerican says "Overall, 'Resident Alien' is one of the strongest albums ever produced by a Cambodian artist since I began following the music scene in 1998."[1]

Track listing

  1. All Out (Produced by Pryme Mega)
  2. Toast to Life (Produced by Mcnub)
  3. The Kingdom (Produced by A.P)
  4. Is You Down (Produced by A.P)
  5. I'm Still Here (Produced by Pryme Mega)
  6. Fireproof (Produced by A.P)
  7. Boom Bap (Produced by Memo Jackson)
  8. Bad Guy (Produced by Kinesus Beats)
  9. Alpha Omega (Produced by A.P)
  10. The Struggle (Produced by JL Jupiter)
  11. Natural (Produced by JL Jupiter)
  12. Get Away (Produced by Pryme Mega)
  13. Off Ya Love (Produced by Korn Swagger)
  14. Old Thing Back (Porudced by Silong)
  15. Love Is a Game (Produced by Kinesus Beats)


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